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ASTRAL WATER w/RARE African Dream Roots

ASTRAL WATER w/RARE African Dream Roots

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For the souls looking to...

ORGANICALLY open the portal to the astral realm, thin the veil to the ancestors, gain prophetic wisdom and visions, induce vivid dreams and improve dream recall......holistically, the ways of the original people.

‘‘This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.’’.

**scroll down to safety precautions section before buying**

Two of the most potent dream roots on the planet,

Silene Capensis (African dream root or Undela Ziimhlophe) 


Synaptolepis Kirkii (uvuma-omhlope, Zulu/Xhosa)


Main chemical action: ONEIROGEN, dream inducing

Used for hundreds of years in Africa, specifically southern parts of the continent, by the Zulu and Xhosa. These original souls of this planet relied on these roots to connect them to the world of their ancestors, allowing for communication, divination, prophecy and extremely vivid lucid dreams. They believed those who did not feel its effects were not meant for the messages, at least at that moment.

Tradition calls for the user to ask a question, the answer may be received in the dream realm, by help of your ancestors.


Effects of the roots are usually felt soon after consumption, 1hr+. Some individuals require a few more doses over the next few days, building up the psychoactive compounds in the system before they experience anything at all. This might explain why shamanic initates of the Xhosa take the root(Silene Capensis) over the course of 3 days, in order to experience its full effects. 

HERBAL RULE **Never use it for more than a week without taking a break.


Always do thorough research when considering new herbal treatments. Not every thing to be known on these substances is listed in this discreption, much more is to be researched before initial consumption.

The roots of this plant contain compounds known as triterpene saponins. Studies revealed these specific compounds help induce vivid, lucid dreams.

The plants roots contain alkaloids and diterpenoids which may give the plant psychoactive properties.

Saponins are the plant chemicals that Researches have linked to various health benefits. These benefits include the regulation of cholesterol levels, antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory relief.

KIRKII root 

"Uvuma-Omhlope contains the active compound kirkinine. Kirkinine, is a neurotrophin, a proteïne aiding the development and recovery of neurons. Some people suggest the oneirogen properties of Uvuma-Omhlope are a result of the presence of kirkinine in this root. However, little scientific research has been done to prove this. SOURCE: ”  


  • People have been hospitalized from improper dosage( w/ as little as 3x the safe dose).

PLEASE don't hurt your self, trying to heal your self!!!!

**These products are created in a facility that house ingredients that many are allergic too. 

If you have allergies and are curious about our products please email or Dm our instagram page!

 ****"Manufactured on shared equipment that may contain [peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, milk..."*****

"Nature is the Pharmacy" is not responsible for adverse health reactions, allergies or pharmaceutical interactions.

If you are taking any prescription medication, you have a medical condition or you have concerns about the suitability of any of our products in relation to these, you should always contact a medical professional or Pharmacist prior to taking herbal supplements.

Do not give children herbal supplements without consulting with a doctor. 

If you are pregnant or lactating consult with a doctor before consuming any herbal product. 

  • Even if you have used one OR all of the herbs in the past, you have NOT used THIS SPECIFIC formulation, as it is a unique, one of a kind, homemade blend. 


Dosage and Directions of formula:

**They can be mixed or taken separately 

Per 1 cup

Kirkii ,1 dose = 200-250mg (common dose)(300mg consider a high safe dose)

Silene Capensis 1 dose= 200-250mg, (300mg consider a high safe dose) 

Higher dosages have been safely reported RESEARCH. BUT people have been hospitalized from improper dosage( w/ as little as 3x the safe dose).

Start at a smaller dose for the first cup, if the effects where not as desired, the next night up the dosage by 1-5mg.

* Kirkii at high dosages has purgative effects, inducing vomiting! Some tribes used this root to purge before shamanic rituals, cleansing, expelling and purging ones spirit. If you find your self vomiting you have taken to high of a dose for YOUR weight and chemistry, this is why it is crucial to start @ smaller doses. 

Astral water directions:

The formula will come in two seperate bags, this will allow you to experiment with both at same time or one, also to allow accurate dosage. 

As stated above the recommended safe dosage for kirkii is  300mg, this is equivalent to 1/2 tsp. 
A scale would be a good investment, to ensure safety. 

1.Take 1-2 teaspoon or 200-250mg of the Silene capensis powdered preferably…
Then add 1/2 tsp or 300mg/.3g of Synaptolepis kirkii.

place the mixture in a tea bag or loose in a heat safe cup.

2. Steep around 10 minutes, longer for a more potent extract. 

3. Strain and consume when you are ready to settle down for bed.

**Do not operate heavy machinery once consumed. 

*if you have a scale measure out no more than 300mg per serving! 

*has little to no taste, literal astral water!!

  • Children, adolescents, and people who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid African dream root due to a lack of safety information for these sensitive populations.
  • There are many ways to consume these plants, please do your own research!, less is more. !!!
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