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Lash - Brow & Edge Marinade

Lash - Brow & Edge Marinade

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Lash - Brow & Edge Marinade 



Formulated to heal broken or damaged hair and follicles.

PERFECT for in between lash sets and wig installs !!! 

Overplucked 90’s Brow syndrome??? Grow back luscious, healthy brow hairs with this heavily saturated omega filled formula. 


If you have stressed out and damaged your baby hairs, this is the marinade for you! The formula is healing and nourishing to the surrounding skin, while Rosemary cO2 stimulates and feeds your follicles with its antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties

The wand applicator is perfect for a precise and mess free treatment. Safe enough for daily use, as well as beneficial for supporting healthy,hydrated skin!

No harmful or irritating fragrances or essential oils.
*test a small area for sensitivity before full application!

Formula is filled with organic Rosemary Co2 extract, a known hair growth stimulator. 

Crystals in every bottle! 

Other key ORGANIC ingredients include: 

Castor oil - Hemp oil - Vit E - Rosemary Co2 extract



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