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Loose leaf tea bags

Loose leaf tea bags

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These durable tea bags are disposable, but you can get a few uses out of one. Do not dispose after one use!

Simply remove the contents of the pouch and rinse with water, then hang to dry. 


Tired puffy eyes??? Inflamed areas???
These tea bags are also perfect to use on your eyes or body as a “Poultice”

1.  Mix desired Herb, botanical or vegetable/fruit in hot water. Enough water  to make a paste, but not so much water that it is too runny.

2. place the mixture into the tea satchel, and once cool enough place over eyes or any affected area. 

“The drier you make it, the better it stays in place. The wetter you make it, the better it conforms to your body and the better the herbal constituents will interact with or absorb into your skin. You want it wet enough to spread easily, but firm enough to keep it from running.

If you’ve added too much water, add some more of the herb. If you’ve added too much herb, add some more water.” 


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