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Nectar 111 - Lotus & Green tea... Cellular Regeneration Oil

Nectar 111 - Lotus & Green tea... Cellular Regeneration Oil

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Nectar 111 

Cellular regeneration oil

A crown 2 root nectar, this organic blend is saturated with nourishing omega oils and fatty acids, vitamins A,C

This formula contains oils that mimic that of the natural oils on the skin, making it ABSORB deeply & quickly, without the sticky slug like residue that most body oils leave behind! 

Reported benefits of the individual ingredients:

Speed wound -acne healing

Anti-inflammatory actions 

Soothe skin conditions.

Collagen and elastin production increase 

Cellular Regeneration by way of Squalene and Oleic Acid found in macadamia oil.

Control Oil and Acne 


Green Tea extract:

Polyphenols like ECGC in this extract are able to fight free radicals that damage the skin as well as protect and heal the skin from sun damage.

Antibacterial & fights acne ( ECGC)

A study has shown that at levels of 6% this extract was shown to increase and hold moisture during a 30 day period. ( )

The caffeine naturally found in green team has shown vasoconstriction effects, this can reduce puffiness, redness, inflammation and swelling of the face and under eye bags!

Increase in the appearance and complexion of the skin within weeks of use.  

Lotus Extract:

Purifies and restores skins appearance.

Smoothes and exfoliates by way of Alpha Hydroxy Acids found naturally in lotus extract. 

The protiens firm and tighten the skin. 

maintain the PH balance of the skin. 


NON GMO extracts

LOTUS & GREEN TEA, added to give a potent, finish to the formula.

* this product has a  ratio of essential oils @ 2-2.5% . Essential oils while being potential skin ailment healers, may sometimes cause irritation due to sensitivies of the volitaile oil content. Always patch test a few areas of the body (on seperate occasions I’d you have strong allergies) 

* Never use product if you are allergic or even slightly irritated by any of the ingredients.

Formula key ingredients:

Lemon grass e.o - Organic macadamia oil  -Organic Rose hip oil - lotus & Green Tea extracts - Organic Vit E oil

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