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Organic Cocoa Crack Butter

Organic Cocoa Crack Butter

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A deeply nourishing butter, formulated for dry, cracked, roughed up skin on Feet-Heels-Elbows-Hands. 

Lanolin, our secret ingredient that  not only helps to eliminate dry and cracked skin, but also continues to heal and cultivate healthy hydrated skin in those over worked, toughened areas. 


Perfect for healthcare professionals that are prone to overly dry and painful hands from constant washing and use of alcohol based sanitizers. 

4oz of this nutrient dense butter will last from winters cold harsh weather until summers drying heat! 

The best(but not only) way to utilize this formula is at the end of your day, saturate the problem area…

Then either take a sock/glove/cloth or some type of protective covering over the saturated area and let your skin drink in the nutrients.



Organic cocoa butter - Lanolin - organic Cocoa essential oil - organic peppermint essential oil- organic Jojoba oil- Antimicro root blend (hexylene glycol, caprylyl glycol, Wasabia japonica root extract, Zingiber officinale [ginger] root extract, Allium Sativum [garlic] bulb extract, water.)

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