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Spiced Coconut Chaga

Spiced Coconut Chaga

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A warming blend of wild Chaga mushroom, deeply spiced coconut and immune boosting herbs. 

Keep your whole body system in balance through the Adaptogenic actions found in Chaga, helping you to  regulate and fight off internal and external stressors of the seasons climate and emotions! 

Chaga mushrooms effect and strengthen  the activity of helper T cells, whose job is to locate and kill mutated (cancer) cells.
Chaga mushrooms contain xylogalactoglucan polysaccharide, which causes programmed cell death 
in infected and cancer cells.


Naturally warming ingredients like anise seeds were chosen to give this formula an antispasmodic action, relaxing muscles, calming the central nervous system allowing you to deeply let go on multiple levels.


Black pepper contains Piperine, shown to stop the growth of cancer cells. Black pepper also increases HCL production, aiding in digestion.

Fight congestion and inflammation! 

Organic: coconut- Clove-anise seed-spearmint- [wild] Chaga- black pepper-cinnamon bark-fennel seed- ginger-cacao-tulsi-rooibos-Yerba mate


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