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Start of cycle,Cocao Nectar.

Start of cycle,Cocao Nectar.

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Infused over a low heat for over 100 hrs. Organic hemp oil & organic jojoba oil is infused heavily with organic herbs, red raspberry leaf & Passion flower herb. Topped off with the essential oil of organic cacao! 


The smell of this formula is of rich cacao, that we all know and crave around this time of our natural cycles. Plus the added benefits that come along with its use.

Red raspberry leaf when in a carrier oil such as jojoba easily absorbed and drank up by the skin, quickly dispersing it into the blood stream. 

Red raspberry leaf is know widely for its benefits to menstruation. This herb has been shown to relieve cramps, PMS symptoms.

Red raspberry leaf is a source of much needed iron, which is leached out of the body during menstruation. YOUR PERIOD CAN lead to anemia ( iron deficiency), this iron must be replenished by diet. Symptoms of anemia include tiredness, weakness, poor concentration & more. 

Jojoba oil is so similar to the natural structure and make up of our skins actual sebum, this allows it a quick and easy passage into the blood stream, where the nutrients its carrying can easily be absorbed.

Hemp seed oil is ripe with omega 3 & omega 6, these essential fatty acids will nourish the skin while also repairing the skins natural barrier functions. 



Apply oil to inside of legs, stomach and/or Yoni area. You can even use this oil all over the body for general moisture retention and skin health. 

Can be applied a few times a day.

Do not place product inside of yoni, only massage it into the areas that are exposed to the outer world!

The mucosal membranes in the yoni are amazing and quick at ingesting anything applied, absorbing it right into the blood stream! With this in mind please discontinue if any sign of irritation occurs!

Consult with a medical professional before using any herbal product, even if you are familiar with the ingredients. Do not use on children, unless consulted with a medical professional. 

Essential oil dilution is 2%

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