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Wild Horsetail Tea

Wild Horsetail Tea

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Wild harvested from virgin family land in northern upstate New York. 


Horsetail has been used to help heal wounds faster.

Imorove overall nail health. 
Reduce swelling and flush edema 


treat ulcers and hemorrhoids, herpes, and HIV

REDUCE cellulite: by eliminating built-up fluids from the target area. Horsetail may improve cellulite by flushing fluids from the body and toning the skin tighter. 

PROVEN diuretic and reduces fat: may induce weight loss by flushing excessive fluids, decreasing inflammation, bloating, and fat. Horsetail also increases IL-10, which may boost weight loss

Reduce an overactive immune response in human cells, causing cells to produce less inflammatory molecules and the silica balances the immune effect in these cells.

A very unique chemical makeup of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, silica+++ , the perfect storm to create a natural and powerful skin care aid.

Reduce redness of/and acne

Eliminate eczema or psoriasis

Prevent premature aging


 one to 3 teaspoons Horsetail: per 1 cup of water. 
boil water- remove from heat-pour                                                 steep 5-10 mins 

sweeten to taste 

(You can elevate your drink by adding green teas-mint-rose ect) 



ingredients : 

100%  organic wild crafted 






be sure to check with your doctor before consuming any herbal teas or extracts, especially if you are on prescription medication’s.



Relieve diarrhea: Active compounds slow down bowel movements during diarrhea by blocking acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that prompts BM. Horsetail also relaxes stomach muscles relieves cramping. 

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